Sunday, March 29, 2009

Welcome to Hoppy Helps!

Hello! My name is Hoppy and I am a frog who loves blogs. Guess that makes me a BlogFrog, huh? A little about me: Some of you may recognize me from here where I got my start. In my travels thru Blogland I have come to meet many wonderful bloggers.

Many of them have questions such as, "How do I set up a blog?", "How do I comment on other's blogs?", "How do I respond to comments left in my blog?", How do I get more from my G-Mail account?"...the list goes on and on. There are many great resources on the Internet and I have decided, along with my Sweetie, Sassy, to find answers to some of those questions and post them here.

Thank you for stopping by!


Betty said...

Love this idea. You are a sweetheart!!

Betty said...

I just now saw where you dedicated this site to me. I guess I'm the Betty you are referring to.

Now I know you are a sweetheart!!

Phyl said...

Betty aka Mom...of course you are the Betty I am talking about.

Just consider it from one sweetheart to another:).

The graphic for the dedication links to your blog.

Storm said...

Thanks, Hoppy, for joining my Blog Hopper linky at All Things Cherished. It all started because of you!

Noel said...

Yeah...Hoppy Help...sure need that!!

Anonymous said...

This site is a great idea, I would love to put a link on my page to this one if you would allow me to... Please let me know!